Deaconess Ministry

Mission Statement

To be an effective Deaconess, you must first be chosen by God and secondly by the minister of the church in which you serve. You need to be Christ-like at all times, in your mannerism, deportment, and your compassion for others. Being consecrated in the Lord, and dedicate for a sacred purpose. Other character are pure, modest, decent, and being able to teach younger women. We need to have an extremely pleasing and winsome personality. And above all being charitable, full of love for and goodwill towards others. Dedicated service is a part of our membership. All Deaconess are expected to be in attendance for regularly scheduled meetings. Deaconess activities at church and on District level as often as possible. We are to also be prayed up to serve on the First Sunday for The Holy Communion. Our ministry is being blessed by our service, and it will be blessed because of our dedication to the church, and first and foremost our dedication to Christ Jesus.