Ministry Overview

Deacon Ministry

Led By: - Ernest White

To serve our Pastor and the people of our church by helping them connect with Christ, helping with their needs, each other
and ministry. Read More »

Deaconess Ministry

Led By: - Gina Hardy

To be an effective Deaconess, you must first be chosen by God and secondly by the minister of the church in which you serve. You need to be Christ-like at all times, in your mannerism, deportment, and your compassion for others. Read More »

Finance Ministry

Led By: - Beulah Williams

As Christians we will be held accountable for the way we manage God's affairs as stewards. Stewardship is not an option, stewardship involves the responsibility of managing God's work through the church.

For the kingdom of Heaven is like a man traveling to a far country, who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them. Matthew 25:14

Gospel Choir

Led By: - Betty Johnson

Our purpose is to make a joyful noise to the rock of our Salvation, sing praises to God, edify and lift men and draw others to Christ. To enhance the service with suitable hymns and gospel songs and set the tone for the word of God every first Sunday of the month. Read More »

Hospitality Ministry

Led By: - Lois Porter

Jr. Missionaries

Led By: - Denise Matthews

Kitchen Ministry

Led By: - Lillian Richardson

Majority Mass Choir

Led By: - Linda Williamson

Male Chorus

Led By: -

Music Ministry

Led By: - Alphonso Montgomery

The music ministry will begin to teach the importance of the roll it plays in the church experience and the power of music. This will hopefully galvanize the existing units in the ministry and harbor an environment for growth. This will come with structured teaching to be done in the choir rehearsals, workshops, etc. The choirs can be an example and extension of the unity the church should operate in. Read More »


Led By: - Ronald Simon

Media Ministry

Led By: - Edwin Williamson

New Members

Led By: -

Nurses Aide

Led By: - Yvonne Cannon

Our Mission is to work hard, grow spiritually and to be the best Nurse's Aid. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

Pastor's Aide

Led By: - Helen Eaddy

Praise Dancers

Led By: - Gail Gregg and Jeanette Wilson

Praise Team

Led By: - Blanche Coleman

Senior Choir

Led By: - Sherral Harrison

Senior Missionary

Led By: - Betty Johnson

Our mission is to do the work of God through which the gospel of Jesus Christ is extended in words and deeds to all people. Remembering others, helping the needy and be willing to share and take God's message everwhere. Read More »

Sunday School

Led By: - Min. Herman Burgess


Led By:- Russell Godbold

Ways and Means Committee

Led By: - Dr. Tiffaney Brown


Led By: - Luther McElveen
Our Mission
  1. To be a good Christian
  2. To greet worshippers, and make them feel welcome (your first impression is an lasting impression)
  3. Escort members and guest to their seats helping the elder and handicap
  4. Distribute material related to the service
  5. To usher for God not man
  6. To attend Sunday school
  7. To smile when things are not so pleasant


Led By: - Ronnie Mack

Youth Choir

Led By: - Linda Williamson


Led By: - Tracey Singletary